For Individuals

Exploitation of a human being is unacceptable!  But does society really think this?  We shut our eyes to human trafficking happening all around us.

It's time to make a noise about human trafficking by joining our Thunderclap on social media.

It’s time to look out for human trafficking happening all around us. If you are suspicious, call your local hotline.

It’s time to get informed, stay informed and tell your friends and colleagues.

It’s time to watch for trafficking news in the media, to cheer when the authorities get it right and to demand improvement when they get it wrong.

It’s time to lobby your politicians, police, judges and media that human trafficking must be stopped.

It’s time to demand proper investigation and punishment of trafficking crimes.

It’s time to demand compassionate, well-resourced care for trafficking victims.

It’s time to demand that vulnerable children and families get the support they need so that they don’t end up in human trafficking situations.

It’s time to think about what goods and services we purchase, to commit to avoiding the black economy and, if we possibly can, to buy from particularly ethical companies.

It’s time to support a local charity working to combat exploitation or a youth project reaching vulnerable young people.

It’s time to consider if your workplace has a particular role to play. Teachers, social workers, healthcare professionals, those working in transport, hotels or catering all have special opportunities to spot signs of human trafficking. Talk to the boss and make sure all your colleagues are equipped to help.

It's time to get active and volunteer your time and skills at a local charity.

It’s time to unite to stop trafficking.