What to look for

Don't Shut Your EyesHuman trafficking and other forms of exploitation are all around us. Victims may be washing your car, painting your nails, picking your food, repairing your home, begging, working in prostitution or posing in the pornographic photo.

This is how to spot human trafficking and know what to do next.

  1. Stay safe! Never endanger your own safety or that of the potentially trafficked person. Never go investigating in dangerous locations and especially never go alone. Keep well clear of a potential trafficker. Ask any questions discreetly and leave at the slightest hint of danger.
  2. Read up a bit more. Look at the info on this website and check out some of the links.
  3. Look out for these signs. They may indicate something is not right.
    • The person is submissive or fearful,
    • The person shows signs of physical abuse,
    • The person does not have their identity papers.
    • The person appears to be under age but working in prostitution,
    • The person is begging when they should be in school,
    • The person is never left alone by their minder,
    • The person’s words seem scripted and rehearsed,
    • The person works incredibly long hours.
    • Their living conditions are cramped and horrible or they have to live with their employer.
    • They are paid little or nothing for their work.
    • They are in debt to their employer.
    • They or their family have been threatened.
    • You are purchasing a service that seems especially cheap.
  4. If you know of an asylum seeker who fears being sent back to their country of origin, he or she may be tempted to take any job opportunity and disappear so that they can remain where they are. The trouble is that this illegal job offer may be the gateway into a nightmare of abuse and exploitation. Talk to your asylum seeker friend about the dangers. At least try to equip them with a phone number to call if they are desperate.
  5. If you are worried, do not intervene but let professionals take over. Try to remember helpful details including date, time, location, description of the people and any vehicle.  Move to safety and take notes.  Call the relevant hotline. See our hotline list and take note of the relevant phone numbers for your country.